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Distance Between Antennas

Is that a different location, or just a different camera angle?
Same location, just a different angle. My new Winegard 7000 seemed to be more distinguishable from the side. And yes, I downsized the pic this time (probably too much) because of TV Fool site requirements I found out from posting my original pic.

A friend of the family suggested I try a different browser, but I did not have any issues with my original pic/browser, other than I had to downsize several times before TV Fool accepted the attachment. So, very odd indeed.

I'm still learning TV Fool's posting format and appreciate your patience and help, rabbit! But my learning curve is improving, certainly from when I first started several years ago now. Much due to your tutelage and others here!

A couple further observations after a week now with my new outdoor antenna setup.

The Winegard 7000 feeds 75' rg6 cable to my second Samsung 32" (2017 Best Buy Exclusive 1080p) TV, properly grounded, of course, by National Electrical Code parameters. Across UHF it matches or beats by a dB or two my main Living Room 40" Samsung TV (2013), which is fed by 90' of rg6 cable, again properly grounded. But on VHF the 40" has the edge and can "see" real channel 8, just over the "digital cliff," 16-17dB SNR. The Winegard does not pick up channel 8 at all. So, the RCA probably has more gain given its larger boom, especially for weak channels like 8. Interesting and puzzling. Also, my Channel Master 94444 balun leads on both antennas were cut to 2 1/2" each, according to rabbit73s' lab test. I found a couple dBs improvement!

Thanks again rabbit, you're the best.....

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