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Originally Posted by skatingrocker17 View Post
Not too long ago I saw someone post about attenuators that you could order for certain frequencies. I think it was an ebay where you ordered the part the messaged the user what frequency you wanted to attenuate.

Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about or could point you in the right direction.
That would Jan Janca Electonics in Slovakia, ebay username "jan_jenca". They can whip just about anything needed, you'd have to work directly with them to communicate your precise requirements including amount of attenuation required in each of the notches and how selective the filters must be in order to maximize how many adjacent channels are to be preserved. It usually takes a filter with very steep skirts to limit their effect to only one or two adjacent channels and that sort of selectivity gets more expensive very quickly.

Here's their current link to a single/dual notch filter:
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