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That is a powerline that went to a house next door. That house is gone and that powerline goes to a pole on the opposite side of my yard but is disconnected. There won't be another house there.

Yes, the stealthtenna picks up WFIE, WEVV and WEHT just fine. Using the HDHR tuners, those stations run at 85% or greater with 95% to 100% signal quality and symbol.

The problem is with WTVW which is to the left. It gets about 65% to 68% strength and drops out often. The antenna is aimed about 90 to 95 degrees, give or take a few degrees.

I thought about going higher, I do have another 10 foot tower section, but I would have to use some guy wire which I'm trying to avoid. No good place for the west guy wire. Plus it's already too close to the old powerlines. Right now if the tower fell in that direction it would barley clear the lines.

The other choice is moving the antenna to a chimney mount on the house. But the house is about 100 years old and has the old style rounded bricks. It's only about 3 feet from the ridge so maybe best I can do is a 10' pole, but probably safer with a 5' pole. That would put me at about 30' high also but maybe 30' further North.
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