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Thanks. I understand you can't give any guarantees. I put the channel master stealthtenna (cm-3010hd) back up last night. I wanted to get the 4228hd down and back in the box while I wait and hopefully get an rma.

Signal is good with that antenna, just wtvw sometimes drops out. It's aimed at about 93 degrees and approx 30 feet in the air on a tower. There are some trees in the way. I will try and get a pic tonight when I get home. I won't be able to get a pic from the actual antenna view, but the tower is up against a flat roof and I can get a shot from about 20 feet. The top of the tower is chest height, almost 20 feet at that point. From there I have a 20 foot telescope pole extended maybe 15 feet.

Thanks again and I will post a pic tonight.
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