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Really!?, I assumed that since channel master states the antenna has a 180 degree radius that it would be perfect for my situation. Guess maybe I was wrong to assume.
You weren't wrong, you are just the victim of "creative marketing." They are wrong with their claim:
Long range multi-directional (180-degree range) outdoor antenna up to 80 miles
The 4228HD, AKA EXTREMEtenna 80, is not multi-directional, it is VERY directional. Your hopes were raised by their inaccurate claims to sell antennas, only to have them crash down on the rocks of reality.

Originally Posted by Tigerbangs View Post
the bandwidth of the 4228HD is narrow enough to exclude signals that are that far off-axis.
He meant beamwidth, not bandwidth. The proper way to state beamwidth is between the half-power points, which are 3 dB down from max. The original Channel Master company would never make such a wild claim. PCT International bought out Channel Master, fired its best engineers, closed down the NC plant, and had antennas made overseas.

Their 180 degree claim just means it will receive signals from the front and not the back.

Winegard and Antennas Direct have more integrity, they state beamwidth and show antenna patterns of gain vs azimuth.

Here are the patterns of the original 4221 and 4228:

You can see that the 4228 beamwidth is much more narrow, AND there is a null each side of center where the other direction (about 22 deg difference) falls to make the other signals much weaker.

You would have been better off getting the 4221HD or the Antennas Direct DB4e, and aiming between.
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