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I think that you stumbled on to your answer inadvertently when you aimed at WTVW and lost the other stations: the bandwidth of the 4228HD is narrow enough to exclude signals that are that far off-axis. Since the signal strength of the stations in your area should be sufficient, my best guess is that you have chosen the wrong antenna. It looks as if you are facing a multipath issue that is preventing you from getting all your channels with one antenna direction.

I believe that the answer to this issue is to get an antenna like an AntennasDirect DB8e, whose 2 panels can be aimed in different directions to get signals that lie in different axes. The DB8e has 2-four bay arrays than can be split on a built-in hinge to be aimed in different directions. Get one, aim it according to your compass at 100 degrees and 75 degrees, and your problem should be solved. If you then have a problem with VHF channel 7, ABC (WEHT) and Channel , PBS, (WNIN), consider adding a Stellar Labs 8 element VHF yagi (model 30-2475) aimed at 95 degrees to pick up those stations. Good Luck!
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