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Help with reception improvements

I'm looking for some help with improving my reception. First off, here is my signal report.

The station I'm having trouble with is WTVW. Best I'm getting is a 65% signal and fluctuates lower causing pixels and audio loss.

I had the channel master stealth antenna about 30 feet high aimed at about 93%. Worked great until spring when the tree tops grew leaves. So I recently swapped out the antenna for the channel master extreme 80. I also kept it aimed at 93%.

The new antenna improved the 3 channels I did not have a problem with but actually slightly degraded WTVW. I choose this antenna mainly for the high gain to hopefully help with the leaves on the tree tops.

I have RG6 cable run from the antenna and connected to a grounded terminal outside. It then enters the house and goes to channel master 8-port signal distribution amplifier so I can send it to my multiple HDhomeruns and TV's. The total cable run is less than 50'.

I do not notice any drop outs on TV but I do on the HDhomeruns which makes me think the tuners in the HDHR's are of lesser quality. These are the original HDHR Duals that use 2 cable connections.

I thought about moving the antenna on top of the house strapped to the chimney. That would actually get me maybe an additional 5 to 10' but probably won't totally clear the tree tops which would probably grow higher next year anyway. Currently the antenna is mounted to a 2 section tower and a 10' mast. So about 30' high.

I do also have a scanner antenna, the Antennacraft ST2 scanner antenna. It is mounted just below, within a foot of the Extreme 80. Is it possible the scanner antenna is causing some interference?

My other thought for improvement was to try a pre-amp but with the other channels so strong, I thought the pre-amp would actually hurt those signals.

My last thought was to get newer HDHR's but don't know if the tuners in the newer models would be better than the older model I have.

Thanks for your time everyone.
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