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Thanks AD Tech! Sorry to hear about your lightning strike, that sucks... I've learned the hard way that the only total protection is to unplug/disconnect, which I'm sure you know... but of course that's not always practical for most of our electronics.

In my personal recording studio, where I lost a lot of gear a few years back from a strike, I now unplug the main power when not in use. FWIW, my house's previous owner had a lightning rod at each end of the house and I'm pretty sure it hit one rod (whose ground was close to the studio). After the strike I learned that lightning rods may save the house but will possibly attract the lightning, so I removed both... haven't had a strike since. Of course now my antenna is essentially a lightning rod, but once I move my antenna it will be about 100' from the house panel. I plan to install ground rods every 25 feet so hopefully over that distance a strike's voltage will be mitigated.

Your answer explained a lot for me, I'm going to go with your option C, going direct to the panel ground buss, it's the easiest way for me to ensure no difference in potential. Thanks again!
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