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Grounding won't save you completely from lightning but it will improve your odds of avoiding damage from nearby strikes. FWIW, I lost my preamp and a custom furnace controller day before yesterday when a line of thunderstorms went through here. Everything is properly grounded but it happens. I wasn't home at the time, but the symptoms are of a near-by strike.

There are a number of schemes that meet code, so feel free to use whatever works out best for you.

1. Install your 8' ground rod at the base of the tower and connect the tower to it.

2. Run your #4 bonding wire and connect it to any of the following:

A. If your incoming water pipe from the well is metal and is already connected to your home's ground (should be) , connect to it. It meets code and is convenient.

B. Connect to the grounding wire that comes out of the electrical panel.

C. Connect it to the grounding bus, if available.

d. Any other connecting point permitted by your local (if any) or national electrical codes (NEC Article 810).
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