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As for a battery powered AM radio is there a specific channel I should be listening on?

Try either far down on the low end of the dial, say 540-590AM (stay away from KOGO 600AM San Diego, since you're in Oceanside), or up at the top end 1600-1700AM, where you cannot hear much of any station, rather just plain "noise." Then as you walk around your area any interference will grow louder on your radio as you pick it up.

For instance, if you place your radio near your TV, or microwave oven while turned on, or CFL light bulbs if you have them, you'll hear a peak in volume as interfering noise.

Then you can go on the hunt to see what might be strong interference around your antenna set up. You'll probably need to turn some things off around your home for process of elimination. Or, possibly there might be some strong interference coming from nearby such as power lines, etc. or a neighbors house next door. Again process of elimination.

Good luck!

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