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For my meager posts, you're welcome shovel99. But I have to give credit to rabbitt73, because he was first to mention the subject in a previous thread of mine, or perhaps it was actually his thread--can't remember at the moment.

So then I tore into the web regarding the subject and read as much as I could find. It gets rather complicated with various points of view and a lot of BUT.....BUT.....BUT.....but in the final analysis, I think you're right about who really loses out in the end--us OTA fans and many who are strained to pay the cable and satellite fees required to watch the numerous channels today.

So, now it appears we are going to have to go Back To The Future (to quote popular film culture), by getting our large antennas back up on our roofs. Several networks here in the greater LA/OC SoCal Counties are slated to broadcast on low VHF because that's about the only place where there is some availability. One shopping network is already on real channel 5, and Retro TV is going to real channel 4 from its current UHF real channel 42. And there probably will be more to come.

BUT.....maybe Adtech will realize his people at Antennas Direct could make some money by coming up with a smaller size antenna capable of receiving low VHF-high VHF-UHF topping off at real channel 35???

Just saying.....
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