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Angry So FCC Sells TV bandwidth it doesn't own... puts Free TV out of business unemployed twenty somethings can watch TV on their Iphones in their parents basement. Great job Gubment.

Thanks OTAFAN and ADTech for keeping us abreast.

This is happening when large LARGE numbers are cutting cable and rushing to free OTA TV. The big Monopoly Cell companies are also the big Monopoly Cable TV providers. Can anyone smell a rat here? They are losing huge numbers of cable TV subscribers ... .and they pay a few Billion to eliminate free TV to stop the exodus? Just carnally disgusting that our supposed "regulators" let them get away with such monopolistic practices. I have read where regulators in "socialist europe" are doing a better job of protecting the people in a natural monopoly such as these services and force the providers to make their service available to remarketers at cost. That drives the pricing so that the average "triple play" bundle costs $30 per month in a number of Euro countries... not the $120+ it is here. The State of GA PSC does something similar with natural gas and it works really well.
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