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There are no magic beans that will allow you to get the golden egg.

The formula for reliable reception is fundamentally very simple: The right antenna installed in the right place will allow you to receive the stations that are expected. Given your constraints, I have no expectation that you will get reliable reception of either of those low power stations.

WRGB is a separate case. It operates on channel 6, down in a part of the spectrum that a) requires a long antenna, about 6' wide, for effective reception and b) is severely polluted with indoor electrical noise plus FM radio signals.

If you started getting WYBN-LD with the antenna pointed in the "wrong" direction, then your direct signal path is probably blocked and you're catching a reflected signal off something nearby. Such reception cannot be predicted, all you can do is experiment and see what you can get.

If you want to try an amp, run down to your nearest Walmart store and pick up an RCA indoor amp (1450-something) for less than $20 and give it a try. If it helps, great. If it doesn't help. return it for a refund.
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