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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
You indicated earlier that the antenna was aimed SE. It needs to be aimed SW.
Yes I understand that but the problem channels WYBN-LD begin clearing the other way.

With my antenna pointed in it's current location I have trouble with the following channels. I've done rescans many times.

6-1 CBS / WRGB **Antenna doesn't find it, but did on first scan**
6-2 ThisTV **Antenna doesn't find it, but did on first scan**
6-3 WRGB Weather **Antenna doesn't find it, but did on first scan**
14-1 Youtoo America **pixeled**
14-2 PBJ **pixeled**
14-3 TUFF TV **pixeled**
14-4 France 24 **pixeled**
14-5 REV'N **pixeled**
14-6 Retro TV **pixeled**

Pixeled channels are not much worse than this. They stutter, but audio and video does come in.

My only window(s) I can use are facing South. I'm not putting the antenna in my only West facing window. FYI it's in the bathroom. lol

What are my options? Amplifier, preamp, new coax, etc?

My antenna can find the channels, it needs help holding them.
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