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You didn't indicate where the antenna is mounted, where it's aimed towards, what your distribution system consists of, and it appears your TVFool plot may or may not be accurately located due to an inaccurate Google look-up of your address.
It's tabled mounted indoors facing out a South side window. It's currently at a Southeastern angle. I'd say pointed in the general direction of HVCC.

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Your odds of reliable reception of that station are very poor unless you go to a substantially upgraded system. It's a lower power (15 k) station with a directional transmitting antenna located 40 miles away that only sends 9.5 kW in your direction. Unfortunately, there's another mountain peak right in front of Windham Mtn where their transmitter is located which effectively shadows their signal from the direction of Troy. If you click on the call letters for WYBN-LD on your chart, a new tab should open that illustrates the path profile for that station. You'll have to decide how much additional effort (expense) is justified in an attempt to improve reception of that station.
I'd really like to pull in Retro TV, Tuff TV & Rev'N would be nice to. But I can live without them if I have to.

Could you explain more about the path profile, and how to read it?

Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Wikipedia articles:

You'd have to aim the antenna down the river valley to improve that station's reception, a move that will likely have an adverse effect on the reception of other stations.
This is in Tower Guy's back yard. Perhaps he can fill in some details.
From what I can tell 15 & 15-1 are the same channel with a slight broadcast delay. WEPT-CA / WEPT-CD / AMGTV whatever it's called. What is it's core programming? The AMGTV site stinks and is no help.

Overall what would be the best way to receive all 34 channels? My antenna wants to receive them, but how? Would a signal booster help?

When I did the first couple of scans after I hooked it up it found them all right away. That channel line up would be prefect, allowing me to cut that cable cord.

**Update** With a chat with reps at AntennasDirect & Crutchfield it seems I may need an Amplifier.

Would any of these work for me? Which one would be my best choice? Any others cheaper I could try? What about RadioShack? Do they have any?
ClearStream™ In-Line Amplifier
JUICE Amplifier System
Channel Master 3410
Single-output RF distribution amplifier
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