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You didn't indicate where the antenna is mounted, where it's aimed towards, what your distribution system consists of, and it appears your TVFool plot may or may not be accurately located due to an inaccurate Google look-up of your address.

Channels 14-1 through 14-8 are coming in pixeled. What would be the best way(s) to get them to come in clear?
Your odds of reliable reception of that station are very poor unless you go to a substantially upgraded system. It's a lower power (15 k) station with a directional transmitting antenna located 40 miles away that only sends 9.5 kW in your direction. Unfortunately, there's another mountain peak right in front of Windham Mtn where their transmitter is located which effectively shadows their signal from the direction of Troy. If you click on the call letters for WYBN-LD on your chart, a new tab should open that illustrates the path profile for that station. You'll have to decide how much additional effort (expense) is justified in an attempt to improve reception of that station.

Channels 15 & 15-1 both come in fuzzy or pixeled. From what I can tell they are two different channels. Before I worry about trying to get a better signal for them, what are they?
Wikipedia articles:

You'd have to aim the antenna down the river valley to improve that station's reception, a move that will likely have an adverse effect on the reception of other stations.

This is in Tower Guy's back yard. Perhaps he can fill in some details.
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