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totally confused .. which antenna design????

OK, so I understand there is no "perfect" antenna design.

I also understand that what works for one person may not work for another just because of location.

I have read dozens of posts and been to just as many web sites.

It seems everyone has an opinion ... bow tie, hoverman, folded dipole, .... people can't even agree on one or two bays ( 3 db gain with two bays but then loose 3.5 with a "splitter/combiner").

So, someone like me is lost.

I live in VT (already done the channel search see link below).

I need something that will hold up outside in ice and snow (no foil reflector).

If there is no "best" design, is there a "most likely to work" design?

I have a $35 Winegard up right now, no amplifier. I can see three of transmitting towers (LOS ... EAST) and am receiving those stations off the back of the antenna. They are 8.5 miles away.

The antenna is aimed West and I am getting one station 46 miles away 2 edge.

At a minimum, I would like a better antenna since I loose some of the stations I am getting off the back of the antenna once in a while.

What I really want is the impossible .... a Canadian station 75 miles north 2 edge .... probably impossible.

So, my main stations are 8.5 miles east (most of them) and 46 miles west (completely opposite).

I want to receive stations 75 miles north and there are a few south that I "might" get ... but probably too far away.

Oh forgot to mention, I am in a hole (valley). The only reason I can see the towers is that they are on top of the mountain that I am looking at.

WOW .... lot to take in.

So I am totally lost!

I am thinking anything I build should be better than a $34 home depot antenna.

Everything I look at with a reflector has no gain in reverse ( thought I only need to get 8.5 miles LOS ).

If I aim something west ( like I have now ), there will be no chance of getting the Canadian channels to the north.

I have read all the nightmares of trying to hook up two antennas even if they are aimed in opposite directions.


What antenna design should I try and what direction do I aim it?

Here is my channel search:

Right now I get 3/5/33/22/44/57 ( funny since the antenna is aimed at 57 the rest are off the back of the antenna).

Thanks so much ...... Mike
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