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Originally Posted by ant View Post
25 ft.:

40 ft.:

Still bad. It looks like I need to be at least 188 ft. have green color for the channels/stations I want.
Lack of green just means you have to work harder and every db counts. With the right equipment and conditions you generally stand a chance of receiving channels down to 0 NM(db) and sometimes into the the negative numbers on your TVfool report. The report takes topography into account but not trees or buildings. Click a station on your report and you'll see how the mountains and hills affect the signal. I noticed with more antenna height, some San Diego channels popped up on your report. That's a long haul but apparently elevation makes it a remote possibility. Do any of your neighbors have a tall antenna? If so, ask them about their OTA set up and the stations they're receiving.

The only thing you can reuse from the previous satellite setup would be the coax assuming it's RG-6 and not too old. Be sure no old satellite equipment or unused coax runs are connected.
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