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Show Low at 6300ft and the White Mountains are a great place to hide out during the Summer when we hit 110+ Fahrenheit down in Phoenix! ... You've got to acclimatize yourself to this altitude before doing any serious running!!

Many Thanks for your suggestions, I'll definitely remove the Pre-amp as a test next time I'm up at the Cabin. As for the concern mentioned regarding low resistance across the VHF poles, please note this low VHF resistance measurement was taken at the Antenna with the antenna combiner cartridge removed (hence the combiner cartridge is outside of the equation).

I've seen the Winegard video regarding a possible failed antenna combiner cartridge. In fact, the method recommended by Rabbit73 to test whether the cartridge is faulty or not by removing the cartridge and connecting a 300 ohm to 75 ohm impedance transformer directly to the VHF antenna rails is the primary reason why I question the approx 2 ohm reading I get across the VHF rails with my multimeter.

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