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Reception issues - Kanata, ON losing channels :-(

Here's my TFR :

I have a roof mounted antenna (DigiWave 8, I think. The invoice says it's an eight bay antenna on a five foot bipod, installed in 2012) and I'm running the signal through a ChannelMaster CM-3412 2-port HDTV signal amplifier. The signal is not split and just feeds a single TV.

CityTV (channel 65) has often been a bit temperamental, but recently I can't get the channel at all. I tried another channel scan on my TV and now I've lost YES (channel 42) as well. Also CTV-2 (channel 43) is now touch-and-go.

Any ideas or things I can try?

A couple of weeks ago we did have a large wind storm that blew our fence down, but the antenna is still on the roof(!). I don't think it will have rotated in the wind like a weather vane, but I guess that could be a possibility?
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