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broadcast antennas I missed that

Maybe that's why JC got upset. This thread is supposed to be for broadcast antennas ? I didn't intend to hijack the thread (but if/since It's abandoned I will pick it up).
But I don't think that's it. Because I don't think the antennas he posted links to are broadcast antennas ( don't they use 50 ohm antennas for transmission ? ) and they were directional (as is a recycled c band sat dish)
I see he removed the links to the high gain wade antennas so I'll put those back cuz I think they should be here.

There I'm pretty sure those were the ones he originally posted

BTW I've nearly completed modeling a 2 meter dish
I'll post a link to the model and a performance page. But here is a quick
overview across channels 14-52
Total gain (dBi)              Net gain (dBi)               SWR
max	19.28		max	19.1431516122      max 2.0347958365
min	17.24		min	16.9662580763      min 1.2860276345
Average Total 	18.4936842105 (dBi)   
Average Net	18.2217478081 (dBi)   

Average SWR     1.6396934694

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