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Stacker television antennas

All manner of stacker combination type Tv antennas were popular in the late 50's thru the 60's and 70's. The stacker combination Tv Antennas Are Nothing New. Most of your digital television stations at New Orleans and are broadcasting in the UHF 14 thru 51 and VHF High 7 thru 13 with none in the VHF Low 2 thru 6. Please note that this stacker Tv antenna Is Not Designed for the reception of VHF Low 2 thru 6. I know that many people are like a coiled up tightly compressed spring waiting to pounce/jump on a Tv antenna. At tvfool are the Actual and Virtual Television channels. I always , as in always go to the >>Start MAPS<< part of the tvfool web site where I look up the Actual and Virtual channel numbers. Examples are like this. Actual channel--> 40 (6.1)<--Virtual channel. or could be like this Actual channel--> 06 (40.1) <--Virtual channel. The point is that there are Actual channels and Virtual channels. At your location you Will Not need an antenna amplifier for 1 or 2 Tv's , might need it with 4 Tv's. I would try it with out a preamplifier first.

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