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Don't assume there's any nefarious going on.
A lot of the DTV changeover dates are governed by simple technical and infrastructure problems.
For CJOH and CFCF, for example, those stations are re-using their current analog channels for their new digital services. Obviously, digital and analog can't both be on at once on the same channel, and it's likely not economically feasible anymore for those stations to operate another station in digital alongside their main operations during what's left of the transition period.
I don't know what's the hold up in Edmonton. Maybe it has something to do with CFRN (12) and CITV (13) ending up on neighbouring channels.
In Calgary, CTV, Global and Citytv need to move to UHF permanently, so it makes sense for those stations to get a head start and switch ASAP.

P.S. If you read my earlier reply, my apologies I misunderstood the question. That improper response has been removed.
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