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Life has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to buy the antenna but I have done some experimenting. Been spending the summer doing basement renovations.

The brand new "old stock" HD homerun device came in from E-bay. It doesn't have some of the fancier features of the newer models but one advantage is that it does have is individual F type connectors for each tuner.!AsJiko0hVbGs-2PG...agUrr?e=l0CmBH

I have an old UHF antenna kicking around and split the signal between an amplified and unamplified one. I used my old Kitztech "Bias Tee" to power the amplifier through the coax cable with 6VDC power supply. See the screenshots below (if they work from Onedrive)!AsJiko0hVbGs-17p...MJpSg?e=hFL341!AsJiko0hVbGs-2LP...L6hVL?e=3yhcDT!AsJiko0hVbGs-2GM...P2BU3?e=NeW9wo!AsJiko0hVbGs-2AR...VA4e6?e=szdbjj!AsJiko0hVbGs-1_b...wm1KK?e=nBN71C

As you can see the amplifier seems to work good. The issue I think I'll have is with signal quality and noise. Signal strength on channel 17 (digital 41) is boosted from 65 to 94. Pretty impressive! The SNR ratio doesn't change though. In one way that's a good thing as my amplifier isn't adding to the noise.

I'll probably make the decision over the next couple weeks if buying a dedicated VHF antenna is worth it.


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