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Lightbulb Preamps and VHF.

Mike you've already been helped by the best here. I can just offer an opinion about your preamp. My feelings are you need to have the preamp as close to the antennas as possible. It gets you ahead of the losses that you can have to your down lead and combiners/separators.

This will require some sort of waterproof box for your preamp you purchased which in my experience takes more time than it's worth. I prefer a preamp it is already in a waterproof box. There's a new preamp available from Kitz Tech. All his outdoor preamps are built with a rugged protective case.

The KT-700 could be exactly what you need and it also has LTE filtering and an FM trap built in. It is definitely low noise. It is a UHF / VHF combining amp with an amp for each band. The case is rugged. It is plate aluminum. The case can also help block unwanted RF / EMI.

I've been testing it off and on for a few days. I'm very happy with it.

Also, you can't beat the Stellar Labs 30-2476 for high VHF. I have one on my roof, actually several but that's another story. It has a difficult time picking up any low VHF.

The exception is RF 6 in Chicago but it is analog so you get that snowy screen. The signal is well under the strength required to overcome the digital cliff.

Here's the Kitz website:

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