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Arrrggghhh! The Zinwell converter box arrived today and as far as I can tell, it is defective. I tested it out on an old, spare TV we have in storage (very old). The power button on the converter does not seem to work; the power light stays on no matter what I press. When I plug it in, it sends some sort of signal to the TV because the screen goes from snow to a conastant blue. However, no start menu appears like it says in the instructions (which I had to look up online. Not inlcuded in box). I have unplugged it several times and no change. The set is old enough that here is not any kind of digital or cable setting. Its a basic set. I tried it out on the two sets in use and no difference.

I will be returning it tomorrow for a refund. New plan: get a small, 20 inch digital enabled TV for upstairs and try out the Leaf antenna. If reception is not good, we will move on to tbigger antennas.

Thank you all for your help thus far.
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