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Totally Confused

Ok, so my results are:

Which kind of makes sense since aiming my existing antenna (an older channelmaster but similar to a CM3020) towards 135 degrees picks most stations up. My problems are with 31 (@ 82 degrees) is fuzzy without turning the antenna & channel 10 (@110 degrees) suffers from multipath unless the antenna is turned.

I have a distribution booster but no amp/preamp and on still on a good evening use to pick up stations 100 miles away (until they went digital).

We have four teleisions and it seems like no one ever agrees on which station to watch & the three most popular each need the antenna pointed a different way. Is their an omni which might work for me? If not, is their some arrangement of multiple antennas that I could you & if so some way to combine the signal so I don't need to change switch settings to choose which to use (a real pain when recording programs since I'm not around to change antenna).

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