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Hey thanks all!

I plan on going to one TV. I've been planning on installing antenna on the South/Southwest roof of the house all along not because of my tech know how but because of the TV in the room below. The homeowner will be renovating the basement at which time I may install a splitter. Now here is the question I there a way to "patch in" to the existing cable supplied by the cable company to distribute the signal? I'm struggling a bit with knowing if that is even legal or not....or if the signals can even be combined. Maybe that's a whole different thread.

For now, I'll start with one antenna, scan, then try the other and scan again. It sounds like at this point I won't need both antennas....or for that matter the amp.

Ok...can one or both of you guys tell me what combination of things I would need to make something like this work at my house? In other words...can I reuse parts from this install and just use them at my house? What about climbing up in a tree 80 ft. and popping an antenna on the trunk. I have some serious oaks, a nice insurance/life insurance plan, and plenty of people to dare me.

As far as tech details and simple answers go...I understand. I'm a noob but a teachable one. I appreciate all the help and helpful links. I may not understand it all but I won't be bothered in trying. I'm pretty much self taught in everything I do and still continue to impress myself after a six pack of beer. I do DJ work and yes I do play both kinds of music: Country and Western.

Good chat ya'll. Thanks again....Where is the paypal button for helpful info?
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