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Thanks everyone for the responses, it is definitely appreciated! In reference to the report, with exception of the WUNL, I receive all of the "good" signal stations from the report on the small rabbit ear antenna that I first described. I would like to keep those and gain some of the other networks that are in the Charlotte/Gastonia area, since I do live between the two markets and may be able to get some of the "best of both worlds"; I think the possibility of receiving one of the markets off of the backside of an antenna is definitely worth a shot. I will look into the Clearstream 2Max or 4Max that was mentioned, as it will give me an idea what channels I can receive reliably (or at all), and if I do get it locally (again, as someone mentioned) then I should be able to return it without having to pay return shipping, depending on how well it works. I may try to pick up a signal meter somewhere too. So, thank you all for the comments and suggestions. I will try to post an update soon.
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