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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
My choice for your location is the C2MAX. The lack of a reflector is ideal. The Winston Salem station are directly opposite Charlotte. The angle between the Charlotte stations is too wide for a 4MAX.

Your only VHF station is a PBS, but you have other PBS’ to choose from. I would not bother with a VHF antenna.
I would definitely try the 2MAX as mentioned by Tower Guy and also Rabbit73. And I also agree with Tower Guy that I would not bother with a VHF antenna in your parents' circumstances.

*If* an antenna like the 2MAX (or other multi-directional antenna) would 'reliably' bring in all the stations, 4 points on the compass, then that would be great! But, we all know with digital TV (unlike analog), that you really want enough signal to work with so that your channel is not near the digital cliff. Otherwise, what looks like a perfect picture on HDTV may potentially start acting up (pixilations and drops during inclement weather, etc.) This is what I like about signal meters when testing antennas. Some TVs have them built into the set, but many don't, which is unfortunate.

I only mentioned the 4MAX because I have actually tested that one (out of these two). And while it does not have as wide of a beam angle as the 2MAX, the larger surface area of the 4MAX does give it more forward gain...which 'may' be needed for the Charlotte stations at his parents’ house for reliable reception during good/bad weather. These TVFool Reports are only projections of what may be received at any location; but they are only a tool, and cannot be taken as written in stone with so many variables. And what may sometimes appear as the strongest signal/station, is simply not always the case.

Most of the Charlotte stations are directly in front and the Greensboro stations behind. I don't think the poster is that concerned about WTVI; and that is the only VHF channel on the report. And it is also noted that there are other PBS stations in the area, to include WUNG (PBS) Concord, NC (which I also noticed appears to be missing on the TVFool Report).

In my view (and perhaps the poster shares this view), the goal (with multiple points on the compass) is to try to get as many channels (and as reliable) as possible. And when/if this is not possible, find a compromise where you maximize the number of 'reliable' channels.

Beyond maximizing the number of channels, my assumption would be that his parents want reliable reception from all 4 major networks (CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC) whether those networks are out of Greensboro or Charlotte.

Considering the 4 points on the compass, it appears NBC may be of the most concern here. That being said, I would suggest focusing on whether or not I could get a good/reliable lock on 1) WCNC and 2) WXII (WXII only as second choice). Those of course are the two NBC stations in Charlotte and Winston-Salem.

So you can certainly try a more omni-directional antenna for the 4 points on the compass here to determine if you can get strong enough signals in all directions. But if that doesn't appear realistic, my advice would be to focus on the two primary points (Gastonia/Dallas, NC towers for the Charlotte market and the towers near Randleman, NC for the Greensboro market).

If you end up focusing on two points on the compass, I would point your antenna about 245 degrees towards Gastonia/Dallas NC. In that scenario, the Greensboro towers will be directly behind the antenna off the backside. And if you can get excellent reception (even from these 2 points), your parents will have good access to all 4 major networks (CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC; and they would potentially be getting the majority of the channels from both markets.

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