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Well I have been installing antenna and the Winegrud & channel master vhf/uhf
Tv ANTENNAs the vhf receive is a 100miles+and the uhf RECEIVE is 65/70,miles.
the Winegrud is$135dollars+shipping the channel master is about the same price.
it's a little bit smaller than the Winegrud.And the antenna Direct antennas are not that good,the only thing that ANTENNA Direct has going for them is the 91xg.and is only a
Uhf,ANTENNA and I have used both the other antenna like the antenna Direct 91xg,is
The HDB91,by SOLiD single has a beem pattern with of 60,with both of these antennas
With a channel master 7777AMP hooked up too them I received broadcasting tower's 80miles away day or night and in bad weather conditions single of RECEIVE 90%
And I like the HDB91,becuse of the 60beem with it makes it so you don't need a Rotor.
And when you use 2of them in a v pattern set up the right way all is good for uhf
And the Winegrud 8200U I Suggest is the best ANTENNA for your vhf/uhf,and the channel master AS well so the way I look at it is the price,for an ANTENNA,so if you're looking for all channels and BROADCASTING TOWER's look at the combination uhf/vhf outdoor tv antennas and when installing an outdoor tv antenna use a good Rg6,sold 18gage SOLiD copper wire when installing a mast mount AMP like the channel master 7777&7778,
Well good luck with your antenna set-up and be safe on that RooF and look out for power lines when installing an outdoor tv,and I suggest too everyone
Be 4you buy that outdoor tv antenna put it into the tv Fool report first with or without an amp,too before you buy anything!!!Good day to everyone on the form!!!

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