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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
Hello, Zman83; welcome to the forum.

Your might try a bi-directional antenna like the Antennas Direct Clear Stream 2MAX without a reflector, which could be aimed to pick up NE and SW.

Try the CS2MAX with just one TV first, then add a splitter. If the signals are too weak at the second TV, replace the splitter with a Channel Master 3412 distribution amp.

If that doesn't work, you will need two antennas.

Combining two antennas aimed in different directions often doesn't work; you just have to try it.
Well you are wrong about the 2antennas pointed in 2 different directions
Doesn't work it does if you space the antennas 3 feet apart and the feed line
The same length with uhf tv antennas the feed line should be 3ft long tip to tip
And hi band vhf 4ft apart and with the feed line should be 4ft long
And what is nice about stagger stacking hi band vhf is 3ft apart and works well
With the channel master amp's and to tune the 2antennas is not hard to do.
Well good luck with your antennas and for the price of that clear streem.The 8200u will kick IT'S but.And more channels to see ant that the name of the game????
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