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Antenna recommendations?


I am looking for some suggestions for an antenna (and a few other parts) for my parent’s house. First of all, here is the tvfool report:

I plan to place the antenna (or antennas) on the roof, using a chimney mount, approximately 20-25 ft. above ground level.

From the antenna to the first TV (TV1) will require approximately 35-40 ft of cable. I plan to run a splitter for a second TV (TV2), which is approximately another 20-25 ft. away. Since there are two TVs, I would really prefer to stay away from rotators. (I’m also considering a pre-amp (Winegard LNA200 for the cable length, especially to TV2).

Currently, TV1 is only connected to cable, and TV2 is only connected to a set of “rabbit ears” that are approximately 36” tall and also has a small round hoop, and is located in a room on the north side of the house. With this setup, I get WFMY, WGHP, WXLV, WMYV (66-71 degrees) very well. I also am occasionally able to pick up WCWG and WXII (2 degrees). With this antenna, I have not been able to receive any Charlotte stations.

Since I am almost directly midway between both the Charlotte and Greensboro/Winston-Salem markets, I would prefer to get both sets of stations (as many from both as possible). From the report, my goal is to get at least all of the green and yellow stations. My main concerns are that the stations come from more than two opposite directions, and many are between 35-50 miles away.

For an antenna, I have emailed Solid Signal and they are recommending the Winegard HD7694P antenna, but I noticed that it is only listed as a “45 mile” antenna. I have looked at a few of the aim-able 8-bay antennas, such as the Xtreme Signal HD8BX and also some of the 360 degree models, such as the ANTOP brand “flying saucers”, but I’m not sure about their ability to pull in remote stations or from multiple directions like my situation. Some people have mentioned combining two or more antennas for opposite or different directions, which would be fine if it will help pull in more stations reliably. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to try to provide as much information as possible to help describe my dilemma.
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