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Broadband VHF-UHF antennas do allow some Fm reception, but, without knowing which antenna you have, it's almost impossible to know how much help your antenna is on FM: some antennas are designed to trap out most FM signals to avoid TV interference, and we have no way of knowing if yours is such an antenna. The LA stations are fairly strong in your area, but, attic mounting always causes some attenuation of TV and FM signals. If your house has a concrete tile or a metal roof, aluminum siding, concrete block and stucco construction, or foil-backed insulation in the attic, expect those factors to severely diminish the quality of your reception. FM reception is likely to be less affected, but UHF channels, like KNBC, and likely to be almost un-watchable.

The solution is twofold: buy a good all-channel TV antenna and mount it on your roof, away from the interference you'll face in the attic. Aim your new antenna at Mount Wilson, which lies at a compass heading of 333 degrees. Use a small distribution amplifier like a Channel Master CM3414, which will eliminate the losses associated with splitting your signal.

Good choices for an all-channel antenna for your location include the Winegard HD-7082P, the Channel Master Crossfire 3679 and the AntennaCraft HD-1200. Any of these antennas will give excellent TV and FM reception in your location, and the amplifier will allow you to feed 4 devices from the one antenna without any signal loss. Good Luck.
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