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Thanks for the info @OTAFAN.
After talking to several neighbors with antennas, most just said that the antenna was there when they moved in and they have never used it.
They are all wanting to hear back from me after I give it a try.

I mounted my HD Stacker with the LNA-200 pre amp to a 10' piece of 1 1/2" conduit. With the mast just sitting on the ground leaning against a block wall with the antenna pointed toward Mount Wilson looking through a large tree and house across the street. Using some coax I had laying around I hooked it up to my splitter.
With that crappy set up I picked up 116 channels including ALL the major channels that I was worried I may not get. All of which are labeled as POOR or BAD on my Rabit Ear report.
I ordered the rest of the supplies I need to mount it on my chimney and run the coax and ground wires about 30' to my electrical panel. The supplies will be here in about a week. At which time I'll get it mounted on the roof and hooked up.
With what I have seen so far I am sure I wont have any problems with reception.
Pictures and outcome to follow.
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