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On the Rabbit ears report what field strength/signal margin ratio should be doable? All the ones I have picked up already are listed as poor. Should I be able to get all of the ones listed as poor? Channel 2 (31) looks like the weakist one I am wanting to get.
Hi droidy, glad you posted back.

Finding the "sweet spot" on your roof is similar to finding the "sweet spot" for an indoor antenna. Trial and error are to be expected. But in your situation, since you already are receiving VHF High (I presume), I would first point your antenna in the same direction on the roof as you did on the ground, towards Mt. Wilson towers. Do you have LOS?

Also, have someone down inside your house that can scan your TV channels with the remote control, checking signal strength. That way you don't have to keep going up and down the ladder, unless you need the exercise (LOL)! This will help you optimize where you end up pointing your antenna. Sometimes, just a few feet can make a difference in how strong your signal strength will be, especially in your location.

Please let the forum know how things are going, so it will be able to assist you in maximizing the reception you want. I am a bit surprised, pleasantly, that you're getting the amount of channels you're receiving so far. I think that will bid well for you going forward, fingers crossed.

BTW, what antenna and preamp did you get?

Thanks and keep us posted!

P.S. Here's a link to part of a thread at AVS Forum Los Angeles area OTA TV. A couple of the posters have similar issues as you, due to their location from Mt. Wilson towers. They might have a few ideas that could be helpful in your situation; adream8 post might be particularly of interest. Hope this helps.....

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