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Pete, looked back at your tower array, mentioned in your earlier post.

Direct link to post #3348 here:

As to why the poor reception of the YA-1713 for VHF compared to the 4228:

Not a lot of suggestions, there are several variables.

The YA-1713 and most antennas have a bit less gain at the band edges (in this case; channel 7 and 13). If there were extra attenuation in the YA-1713 path, then the normal roll-off of the gain vs frequency pattern for the YA-1713 could become more obvious.

As you mentioned, reversing the cables between the CM4228 and the YA-1713 seems a good step.

If you have cables with pre-installed factory connectors, they sometimes cause problems.

The YA-1713 has a snap on balun that could have a problem.


Your thoughts on the new 8-bay (Solid Signal HDB8X) will be interesting. Since it has separate reflectors (not-continuous like the 4228) then it will probably have less response for your VHF signals.

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