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Originally Posted by JoeAZ View Post
From the area of Cutspring Rd and Chapel St I show the
following at 50' AGL.

Callsign Chan Network Dist
(mi) Path NM
WZME 42 (43.1) 8.9 LOS 64.5
WFTY-DT 23 Tel 25.4 LOS 54.9
WTNH-DT 10 (8.1) ABC 16.0 2Edge 40.3
WLNY-DT 47 (55.1) Ind 25.7 LOS 35.1
WCBS-TV 22 CBS 25.7 LOS 34.3
WCTX-DT 39 (59.1) MyN 16.0 2Edge 24.9
WEDY 41 13.3 2Edge 23.0
WTXX-LD -- 34 16.8 2Edge 13.9
W26CE 25 (26.1) 32.1 LOS 12.6
WABC-TV 7 ABC 58.5 2Edge 11.9
WJLP 3 (33.1) 55.6 2Edge 11.0
WVIT-DT 35 (30.1) NBC 35.7 2Edge 5.8
WPIX 11 (11.1) CW 58.6 2Edge 2.0
WXTV-DT 40 (41.1) Uni 55.9 2Edge 0.4
WTIC-TV 34 Fox 35.9 2Edge -0.5
WCBS-DT 33 (2.1) CBS 55.9 2Edge -0.5
WFSB -- 36 CBS 41.0 2Edge -0.8

There is a translator for WCBS currently on Rf 22 that you should
have no issue receiving. For starters, I would rotate your current
antenna toward the WCBS Long Island translator and see what you
get. If you get a decent signal, then you need to understand you
will need two antennas or a rotor to get all your stations. If you
do not get a decent signal, then I would try raising the antenna
above the tree line or about 50' AGL. If that works, then you know
you'll need to raise the antenna and will still need either two antennas
or a rotor. You will need to experiment with the height and location
of the antenna. Try avoid any nearby trees or obstacles which will
reduce your chances for success. When aiming, remember that
dead on to the transmitter doesn't always give the best reception.
Let us know how things work out.
Thank you JoeAZ and everyone else!! I appreciate all of your input. Unfortunately I have a fear of gravity and will more than likely be hiring someone to do any modifications or additions. I will let you know what I wind up doing when I have it done. Thanks again!! The knowledge you all have blows my mind!!
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