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Originally Posted by WIRELESS ENGINEER View Post
Excellent information and from what I've seen, they look like they work well and I sure wish I had a tablet that could support it

I bought 2 of them a few months back and couldnt make either one work with xp or my kindle or my android phone so for me it would require buying a new computer or a new phone which would cost more than buying a stand alone unit
Well, it's been almost a year and I have made a lot of spectrum saves, done a lot of overlays etc... It's really a great tool. I will admit that it does needs a fairly powerful PC. The one I run is a "hot rodded" HP with an i7 4770 and 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro. Even with that it tends to take a fairly long time to analyze the spectrum. Several minutes anyhow.

I used it so much trying to analyze my two antenna set-up and got the antennas pointed to optimum that I finally unhooked it, no use for it. If need be, I can rerun a cable to the PC for signal analysis in the future.
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