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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
This may help others interested in following along:
Thanks for the info ADTech.

Based on the information in the PDF, the "home distribution" output can only be set for channels 21-69. However, it looks like you can still use the RF out (channel 3 or 4) to get a modulated output on a VHF channel. This means it's still possible to use an HLSJ to combine your OTA signals with your RF modulated dish receiver output.

You do have three stations on high-VHF (WISH, ch 9, WLFI, ch 11, and WTHR, ch 13), so I'd recommend using an HLSJ over a UVSJ for combining your signals. The "high" port on the HLSJ would be for your OTA signals (ch 7 and above) and the "low" port would be for the channel 3/4 modulated signal.

Since the "Agile modulated output" is limited to channels 21-69 (not the same as the ch 3/4 output), if you wanted to use that output, you would need to set it to a high channel (like 69) and get a specially tuned diplexor (or JoinTenna) that properly joins that channel with the rest of your OTA signals (highest one being channel 51).

The channel 3/4 option is certainly the cheaper, quicker solution, if that configuration works for you.
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