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Antenna recommendations


First off thanks for any help and or advice upfront. Cord cutters unite !

Im looking for advice on what antenna will bring in real channels 8 - 32 at the 350 azimuth. Right now I have the RCA ANT751R Compact Yagi HDTV Antenna temporally mounted at ground level ( it is pointed directly at a tree BTW) and I am getting real channels 19,20,25 & 27. I plan on putting something permanent on the roof at about 25 to 30 feet up but I only want to go up there one time.
Grounding is also going to be a bit of an issue too because my main power will be on the opposite side of the house getting to it would add about hundred foot of RG6. So thoughts on driving a ground rod?

Once again thanks in advance for your help.
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