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Tuscon is one of the more screwed up cities for antenna usage due to an unfortunate location for the primary transmitters up on Mt Bigelow. Most areas of Oro Valley and Catalina will find that the signals from that site simply go over their head but don't reach their lower elevation due to terrain blocking the signals.

Several of the stations have installed translators on either Tumamoc Hill or Tower Peak to the southwest of the city, but not all have done so. Most notably, the Fox affiliate, KMSB virtual channel 11.x, never did this and will be unreceivable at your location.

If you can get your C2MAX mounted in a location that gives you a clear and unobstructed signal path towards both of the southerly sites, it should work fine. If you mount it where the signal path is blocked by trees or buildings, reception will likely fail. An amp can help somewhat, but it would be like applying a Band Aid to a very serious wound.
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