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Originally Posted by Styx555 View Post
With the move from 13 to 7, am I more likely to get the signal or is still considered VHF-high.
If the antenna is designed to receive VHF-High signals, which are real channels 7 to 13, the chances of receiving 7 are about the same as for 13.
Also, is there an indoor antenna that would achieve this?
The GE 34792 antenna that I show above has a folded dipole for VHF-High channels 7 to 13.

I am using one indoors on the ground floor and my signals are almost as strong as your signals, However, all my signals are in the same direction.

The GE 34792 antenna requires assembly.

There are several different model numbers, but they all look the same.

There is an indoor/outdoor version that is more sturdy but a little more expensive:

My wife likes the way it looks. After I was through testing it, I started to put it away, but my wife said: "Don't put it away, I like the curve of the reflector."

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