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CJOH is on VHF-High channel 13. The flat antennas are very good on VHF-High and yours if facing the wrong direction. The CHOJ signal is coming from the NNE.

It is the real channel number (also called physical channel or RF channel) that determines what antenna is needed.

VHF-Low, real channels 2-6
VHF-High, real channels 7-13
UHF, real channels 14-51

The virtual channel number (like 5.1 or 5-1) is a holdover from the analog TV days to maintain the identity of the station, and is what the TV displays. By convention, the virtual channel number is given in the decimal form to keep it from being confused with the real channel number.

Something like this might work if you put in the right location:

If it doesn't get 13.1, you will need a VHF-High antenna with more gain in a better location, like attic or outside.

You have channels in two directions, which makes your reception problem more complicated, because the antenna should be aimed at the transmitter for best results.

This is a more accurate list of channels for Ottawa:

CJOH will be moving from 13 to 7.

This is the repack plan:
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