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Hello, All

The installers came out yesterday and raised the new antenna about 3 to 3 1/2 foot. This brought it to what appears to be about 1 to 1 1/2 foot higher than where the old antenna sat.

There was deffinate improvement.

I found channel 13 WHO to have a very slight increase in signal level and there was only a few very brief signal dropouts that morning. The rest of the day and night it was solid. I used to experience some signal drops in the morning hours with the old antenna.

With the extra height I also now receive channel 5 WOI and Channel 8 KCCI . WOI's signal strength was somewhat low and I expierenced moderate signal drops in the morning hours as well, however in the evening/night I was able to receive it fairly well with very few signal drops. Channel 8 KCCI I could not receive at all in the morning hours but in the evening/night I had a strong signal with no signal drops. The signal was actually slightly stronger than that of WHO channel 13. However, this morning I did receive KCCI but with many signal drops.

The extra height deffinately helped.

Also, most of the trees that are visible in the photo I posted earlier will be gone in a few weeks. The new owner of the next door property is basically leveling everything and building a new garage. So, all that should left in way of trees should be one limb from one of my trees. And while it will be very close to blocking the line of sight for my antenna to Des Moines I don't think it will. So, hopefully this will help also.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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