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Aiming an Antenna for Best Signal Quality

Sometimes the aim of the antenna for maximum signal strength is not the best aim for maximum signal quality, as defined by SNR and errors. I first learned about this with an Apex DT502 converter box, that has dual signal bars, one for signal strength and one for signal quality (the inverse of errors).

I first aimed the antenna for maximum signal strength. Then, when I rotated the antenna slightly to the right, the signal strength was a little less, but there was a big increase in signal quality.

My Sony KDL22L5000 also gives a reading of SNR and errors of OTA 8VSB and cable clear QAM digital signals in the Diagnostics Screen. Here is a bad signal with picture freeze:

Good signal:

My Hauppauge 850 and 950 USB tuners can give a reading of SNR and errors, but the software isn't user-friendly for me.

My point is, if you can find a way to measure signal quality, you can optimize the aim of your antenna.
If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.
Lord Kelvin, 1883

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