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Thanks for your replies.

I just went ahead and covered the unused port with some coax seal.

The new antenna is up, signal quality is about the same, maybe a little stronger than the old antenna. But, I'm experiencing numerous signal dropouts. I'm not sure but I think it might be because the installers didn't get the new antenna up quite as high as the old antenna was, probably a few feet short. I have an older push-up type telescoping pole which is fairly heavy and difficult to work with.

Could the signal dropouts be a multipath issue due to the lower antenna height?

And, would I benefit from purchasing one of the newer HD tuner boxes, maybe a Homeworx, iview, or iKonvert? I currently have an older LG-4200 tuner. I like the way it works for the most part but I know it has an older chipset that probably doesn't handle multipath as well as the newer ones.

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