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The LNA100 isn't a "pre-amp", it's a "back of the set" type of amp without the capability of using a remotely located power inserter. It has to be powered locally (to the amp) from a wall-wart. I suggested it because it has a very low noise figure and a very good tolerance to strong signals, both characteristics that I've verified. Besides, it was already on hand!

As for the intermittent errors on 10.1 and 33.1 from Fordland, I don't know. Might have been from something as mundane as a burst of noise from a switched device, might have been some wind-induced multipath that the decoder couldn't correct.

It's understandable about not wanting to move the 91XG up to the second floor peak should that be needed, it looks like it would be a very big job.

Swapping the C2V to a more directional 7-51 antenna would likely improve those SNRs, but the replacement antenna would be far larger. TANSTAAFL, you know.

Quad Shield won't make a difference.
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