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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
I also use the F81 connectors when a cable is too short. The ones you show look to be excellent quality. The cheap ones don't grab the center conductor of the coax very well. You can test an F81 by inserting a piece of 18 gauge solid copper wire, which is the same gauge as the center conductor of RG6.

Your 91XG is doing OK for Fox. I'm more concerned about what is causing the errors for 10.1 and 33.1 which would make a DVR recording less than enjoyable.

Are you trying to power the preamp thru the AC7, or doing it locally at the preamp location with its AC adapter?

I need to think a little more about my answers, and will come back later.
I agree about the DVR recordings! It might be a lot of trouble but do you think rewiring with RG6 Quad shield coax would "fix" it or is this something simpler?

I would like to answer your question about the preamp but I am afraid I unfortunately don't understand what you are asking.

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