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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
A few observations about the most recent discussions

Upon receiving your coordinates, they resolve to the northeast corner of your roof where aerial photos show a satellite dish installed. I've surmised that you're using that existing mount for the 91XG.

Based on your coordinates, you're about 200' below the rim of a steep hillside across the creek valley. The signal path to KRBK crosses the highest elevation near the intersection of N 3rd and E. Indian Valley Dr. then drops towards you, then finally into the valley. It has been my experience and observation that the closer one is to the terrain obstacle causing the diffraction of the signal, the more inaccurate is the guesstimate of received signal strength from the TVFool simulation engine. I suspect that the signal forecasts for KRBK's signal is probably too optimistic.

In all, the one change I'd recommend making will be exceptionally difficult and that's getting the 91XG up to the peak of the roof of the second story instead of down low on the old satellite mount at the back of the garage. That would likely get you an additional 20+' of elevation and I'd expect it to help tremendously with your reception of KRBK. I'd also expect a serious level of difficulty getting it up there.

It is VHF being received by a simple not-very-directional dipole. Most likely due to impulse or electrical noise from nearby.
Yes, I am using existing satellite mounts for both antennas. I'm not sure my spouse would go for putting the 91XG up on the very highest point of the roof (at the 2nd story). But, let's say she did what would I need to put it up there? Since the changes you suggested the SNR fluctuates back and forth between 24 and 25 dB on the SNR level (60-62% signal strength).

For what its worth when I checked 10-1 and 33-1 today in the DVR Diagnostics menu both of the RS Uncorrected Levels were back at 0 (along with all other channels being at 0). It sounds like you are saying the fluctuations on those channels may be something that is beyond my ability to control or fix. Is that fair to say? Not sure if it's possible at this point or not since the house is finished but would quad shield RG6 possibly fix it?

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